Preliminary phase
Selecting the right lab automation software and vendor can be a hard job. You’ll be making a choice and entering a relationship for years. LIMeS Lab Support can support your lab in this process, and you’ll be prepared well. The services LIMeS supply in this area:

  • Mapping laboratory and adjacent processes
  • Requirements and gap analysis (functional, non-functional, technical, supplier)
  • Support on supplier/software selection
  • Preparation of long/short lists
  • Demo requests
  • Attending demos
  • Supplier assessment
  • Project plan assessment

You will make the final decision, but LIMeS will help you to make this choice better and easier.

Implementation services
After making a final decision for the vendor and software, the actual implementation takes place. The software needs to be aligned with the actual processes in the lab. Although most software is sold out-of-the-box, it must be configured in almost all cases. Think about, for example, the tests which will be different for each lab. Also, there will be parts of the software which are not in line with the processes on the lab. These needs to be analysed, and solutions must be found (by configuration, customisation or in some cases by adapting the process to the software). This process of configuring and customizing should not be underestimated. LIMeS can support you with this implementation. The services LIMeS supply in this area:

  • Writing implementation plans
  • Support on configuration/implementation
  • System integration
    • Writing functional/technical designs
    • Building
    • Testing
  • Data migration
    • Writing data migration plan
    • Writing script
    • Support on test activities
  • Support on test and validation
    • Writing test/validation plan
    • Define acceptance criteria
    • Writing test scripts
    • Support on test/validation activities

Project management
LIMeS can provide the project management from a customer perspective.

LIMeS can provide custom training for:

  • Application managers
  • End users

LIMeS can also provide services with regard to writing end user or configuration manuals and scripting E-learnings.